Without reverting back to windows

Tablets like the iPad are a combination of very capable hardware with very incapable software, we’ve discussed this already.

A big chunk of the letdown of iPad OS comes down to Multitasking — the software interaction system to handle multiple jobs at the same time.

We all had high hopes for the new Multitasking system in iPad OS 15. And while it’s the most refined version yet, it hasn’t changed or improved significantly since the introduction of the ability to splitscreen in iOS 9. Apple Insider dubbed it fittingly “More of the same”.

Dieter Bohn argues it’s because of…

How the Tablet category can level up from a secondary device to a primary one

They still don’t get it.

Among the last things the iPad needs to become a better device are:

  • Even more performance
  • Even better display
  • 5G

Now that’s the marketing copy straight from Apple’s website — the first things they want you to know about this product:

When I wrote “The Financial Advice One Pager” I promised myself a follow-up to dive into the things that make “the market” a.k.a. Wall Street a suboptimal place for participating in real world capitalism.

I postponed this article until now. Then GameStop happened.

Casus GameStop

For most products it’s a useful experiment to analyse the user experience in two separate camps: hardware and software.

Often, one is much better than the other.

As I argued, we witness a seismic shift: While products of the past came with no or very little digital part, every new product nowadays comes with a significant digital part. Even selling a wooden block would benefit greatly from e.g. free Social Media distribution.

Humankind had thousands of years getting good at hardware — software is relatively new. …

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Bundles are both art and science. The cable bundle was a brilliant invention. With it, Chris Dixon showed us why bundles could make sense mathematically.

But bundles are ebb and flow. You can make money by bundling or by un-bundling. The example for the latter case is Netflix.

It took the entertainment job of TV and ran with it. Netflix executed well and created their own flywheel:

The company gained its initial streaming userbase by licensing Starz’ 11,000 title movie library; while Starz’ effective library size was one (whatever was showing on the Starz channel), Netflix’s was 11,000. That attracted…

This is the fourth installment in my series in which I publish product concepts.

Why not keep the idea for myself? I believe in the power of open communication. There’s a great chance somewhere, someone has a related thought — if so, or in case you have other feedback, let’s connect and learn from each other. Contrary to public perception, ideas on its own are worthless if not paired with the right execution (hard).

Most of those ideas had some incubation time to think things through. This particular thought is from 2017.



  • Build affordable housing by creating a modern re-invention…

In my article on Epic’s fight with mobile operating systems I focused on Apple. That has justifiable reasons, but it’s true that Android behaves not much better.

The Google Play Store (formerly known as Android Market) offers roughly the same deal as Apple’s App Store. In some cases Android is more “open”, see the ability to sideload. But the fundamental business model including the 30% cut remains.

The question is: Why does Android work the way it does in the first place?

The founding legend goes as follows: Back when mobile became a thing Google feared that a new platform…

And why it could be the way to go for you

I wrote about the resurgence of personal blogs and newsletters. I analyzed the Stratechery business model and concluded very healthy profits. Surely I’m one of the first subscriber to paid newsletters in my areas of interest (economics, technology, entrepreneurship, product management, etc.)?


Before you call me cheap (I am), let me explain.

Content on the internet can be allocated on a spectrum. 1 is not worth reading (e.g. SEO spam), while 10 is an absolute outlier in terms of quality and insight.

Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite

I really thought I was done writing about the Apple App Store. But after the Hey controversy and the questionable performance in front of Congress things escalated even more with Epic Games. Even die-hard Apple fans slowly come to grips. Here we go again.

What I want to focus on in this article is the question of software installation.

Both Ben’s had good posts about the trade-offs of App Stores. Marco Arment went on a rant about Apple as the bully.

And yet all three argue that Apple should stay in control over what apps are allowed to install…

A simple guide on how to invest money

When it comes to financial planning most people have no plan.

There are the ones who don’t care, and everything seems to them as too complicated and boring. They stick with what they understand, which translates to no investments in the stock market.

And then are the ones diving deep into financial literature, FinTwit or Fibonacci lines trying to optimize everything. Often they end up day-trading the latest fad — also without a long term plan.

I studied Business Informatics with a focus on Banking & Insurance and I followed the financial markets as a hobby my entire adult life…

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